Terms & Conditions

Purpose of labs

Kutztown University provides computer labs to students to facilitate the completion of academic assignments, research, email, and web browsing. Kutztown University makes every effort to provide students with the necessary tools to complete their coursework. To keep the computers operational so that all students can gain access to the necessary facilities, you must agree to the following in order to use the computer labs:


Accounts are automatically created for all students. These accounts are used to access the campus computer labs, student web sites, Online Student Services, etc. These accounts are automatically created at the beginning of every semester for new students. Accounts are deleted approximately 8 months after your last enrollment. If you have a web site or files in your home directory, it is your responsibility to make a copy.

Installing software

Installing any software without permission is strictly prohibited. This can lead to computer corruption and lack of access for some students. Installing any software without permission can lead to suspension of lab privileges.


Files servers are backed up on a regular basis. In the event of a hardware failure, recovery of data should be possible. However, data is the user's responsibility. Kutztown University is not responsible for lost data. All data on the local machines is automatically deleted after each reboot. Personal files MUST be saved to your account on the server or to removable media. It is your responsibility to backup any files you deem important. Also, Kutztown University cannot guarantee data availability. The disk space provided on the server is for convenience only.


Printing in the labs at Kutztown University is currently free. However, this is very expensive for the University. Very few universities provide free printing due to the expense. Please help us keep printing free by not abusing the privilege. Anyone abusing the privilege may be subject to suspension of lab privileges.

Network traffic

Network uses or applications that use excessive bandwidth or otherwise interfere with the use of the network are not permitted.

Users generating excessive levels of network traffic, so as to negatively impact the ability of others to access the network may have their lab privileges discontinued without warning to protect the integrity of the network.

Legal Issues

All use must also be in compliance with all applicable federal, state and locallaws as well as University Policies including the Acceptable Use Policy.

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